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XXLSEC Ltd is a cyber technology company in the areas of SECRET-level encypted communication, tactical communication, situational awareness and intelligence capabilites. Customers range from military to homeland security all over the world.Product range from encrypted secure communication solution devices such as PriveCall, PriveTAB and PriveBook with proven intercept proof voice comms, messages and file transfer. Tactical solutions cover encrypted White tracking device, WiFi-sniffer and Tactical Server with GSM-anonymizer compatible Meta Data protecton for high profile operations. Fully encrypted Data Rain UAV and XPTT tactical communication stack with MESH-radios provides full off-the-grid encrypted comms solution for military and LEA units in operation area.XXLSEC solutions are based on 100% fully transparent open source code visibility with strong and publicly audited encryption plus securely generated and user changeable certificates. These features are combined with the fact that we run our solutions on selectable source provided platforms that safe with no inbuild backdoor elements.

Address Finnoonniitynkuja 1
Telephone +358 400835744

Products & Services

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Command & Control

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