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Live Demo Arena Programme

Live Demo Arena - Critical Incident Response

Scenario 1 - This scenario shows a response to a serious incident at a train station on an open concourse requiring armed officers to locate, confront and neutralise a serious threat. British Transport Police will lead in this scenario demonstrating how they work across response teams to deal with the situation.
ISS Global - We will be demonstrating our product “OverC2”. OverC2 allows the secure streaming of live video from a UAV to a command control via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks. There is no data stored on the UAV; the data is secured immediately in our data management system ‘”.

Jack Napier, Sales, ISS Global

Search Systems Ltd - RESPONDER, our multi-mission product suite, is an industrial grade UAV platform which carries and deploys multiple inter-changeable payloads to address specific operational tasks.
Examples of Payloads include:
Disruptor - an airborne Counter IED solution
Courier - our carry, deploy and retrieve solution
Luminator - a cost effective high power lighting solution for crime scenes and SAR

Paul Trimble, Founder & CTO, Search Systems Ltd

Vocality International - The ultimate device for secure portable team communications over public networks. The Elite Fusion provides Push-to-talk radio, telephone, video and data over a broad range of technologies, including cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite networks.

Pete Cairns, Technical Account Manager, Vocality International

Scenario 2 - This scenario involves a medium sized aircraft that has crashed causing multiple fatalities. Critical Incident Response teams will demonstrate how they work collaboratively in a high-impact mass casualty incident.
Airbox Systems Limited - Airbox will be demonstrating MOSAIC, a mobile situational awareness software package which enhances integration and performance.
MOSAIC is a force multiplier improving interoperability and reducing reaction times by removing ambiguity using the following key features:
Tracking of assets
Collaborative annotation toolset
Encrypted messaging
Remote tasking
Drone interface
3rd party mobile phone video & location
Air-ground interaction

Richard King, Chief Operating Officer, Airbox Systems Limited

Nexter Robotics (France) - NERVA-LG robot is used for 1st responding operation to quickly get a clear and exhaustive view of the current situation. Geo-referenced pictures, videos and CBRN contamination information and/or maps can be made outdoors and indoors thanks to a set of various Plug & Play sensors (including many available COTS).

Joel Morillon, General Manager , Nexter Robotics (France)

Scenario 3 - This scenario will take place in the aftermath of an oil tanker crash, which as the result of intelligence, appears to be an act of terrorism. The crash results in a fire with fatalities as well as casualties and will demonstrate how the fire service and police bring the situation under control.
C-IED - Counter-IED UK is a group of UK companies providing a focused contact for government and business clients.  We are trusted partners of the UK and international Governments delivering UK solutions to counter the IED threat.  We are a leading organisation in Defence Engagement and the Whole Force Approach.

Bert Appleton, Chair , Counter-IED UK

Cerberus Black Ltd - The A-WASP®, Acoustic-Warning Signal Projector, is a wearable, high-powered, audio communications tool for the Emergency Services. Highly directional, it works within UK Health & Safety Law; every acoustic emission being recorded by an integral video camera along with further telemetry, to prove it. It provides targeted, crystal clear audio messages audible beyond 250m.

Matt Henry, Managing Director, Cerberus Black Ltd

Cobalt Light Systems - Resolve enables a new handheld Raman capability for identification of hazardous and contraband materials contained in unopened opaque packaging. The system matches to comprehensive on-board libraries including explosives, precursors, TICs, CWAs, narcotics and new psychoactive substances. Resolve's 'through-barrier ID' capability means hazards remain contained, improving safety and efficiency in first response operations.

Robert Stokes, Product Manager - Detection, Cobalt Light Systems Ltd

Symetrica Security Limited - The VeriFinder is a handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier that can be used in a variety of scenarios.
The VeriFinder has unique communications and reachback software that allows the remote command and control of the unit. This enables the VeriFinder to be deployed on UAV and UGV’s to be shown in the demonstration.

Dr Geraint Dermody, Business Development Director, Symetrica Security Limited