Step Change Summit 2019

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Since its launch in 2017, the Step Change Programme, led by National Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP), has been making progress in addressing the challenges of each of its five key themes; Security and Resilience, Travel and Tourism, Transport, Crowded Places, Cyber and Finance.

We are delighted that the next edition of the Step Change Summit within this programme will be facilitated by the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) at Security & Policing 2019. Join us on 7 March 2019 10:00 – 13:00 in Inspire.

What is Step Change?

The purpose of Step Change is to support delivery of the Protect and Prepare objectives of the CONTEST strategy by creating a ‘whole of society’ approach between police, government and the private sector. It was born out of the tragic events of 2017, when repeated terror attacks made it clear that policing needed the assistance of all facets of society in order to better protect the UK’s people and infrastructure against the unprecedented threat.

Step Change aims to transcend commercial competition to make the UK a safer place. The primary goal is to ensure that the protective security of the UK is of greater importance than any single organisation or business by developing strong partnerships and increasing collaboration between public and private sectors. It is not about reinventing the wheel, it is about developing and expanding existing networks, sharing information and best practice to support each other in achieving a collective goal – creating a safer country for us to live in and a more productive environment for our businesses to thrive.

Led by the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Specialist Operations (DACSO) Lucy D’Orsi, the programme is split into five main strands, with each co-chaired by a senior police officer and an industry representative.

  • Transport
  • Crowded Places
  • Tourism
  • Security and Resilience
  • Finance and Cyber

Oversight of Step Change is carried out by a programme board jointly chaired by the National Coordinator for Protect & Prepare Policing and an industry representative. Each strand is represented by the co-chairs. The programme is coordinated by National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ (NCTPHQ), supported by the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) based in the Home Office.

Step Change Summit 2019

On 7 March, JSaRC will facilitate at Security & Policing 2019 the Step Change Summit together with representatives from Counter Terrorism Policing and business. This event represents a unique opportunity to bring industry, and the public sector together, in an environment that will provide the opportunity for all attendees to obtain an update on the outputs and status of each of the key themes of the programme. Key note speakers and subject matter experts from industry and academia will provide contextual and insightful information in support of the programme.

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