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Added extras available to exhibiting companies

As an exhibitor at Security & Policing you have the added opportunity to bid to participate in our live immersive features. These features have grown in popularity and are ideal product placement and demonstration opportunities.


On the Move – Innovation at the Border in partnership with Border Force and Crisis Cast

The Live Immersive Feature for the 2018 event will unveil the build of a Multi Modal Transport Hub, addressing the areas of counter terrorism, prohibited goods, clearance and human trafficking.

The feature will showcase technologies for foot passenger and vehicle terminals, which address the challenge of individual passenger mass screening, whether those passengers are on the move through terminals or remaining within vehicles. The feature will also include the screening of both baggage and goods vehicles.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to bid to participate in showcasing their products and technologies in this live environment.

Live demo arena

Each year exhibitors have the opportunity to bid to participate in our live demo arena. More information on the 2018 themes and arena offering will be made available shortly.