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For Security & Policing 2021, the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) is collaborating with other government departments to create an online immersive experience which will provide an integrated demonstration of various innovative security solutions, brought together under one overarching narrative.

The immersive feature is entitled ‘Resilience, Recovery, Rebuild’ and will focus on showcasing and demonstrating solutions and technology across the three themes:


Resilience –This segment will focus on the new COVID hardening technologies to demonstrate how we need to change our approach to managing publicly accessible locations in a world of social distancing requirements. We will seek to demonstrate how traditional screening / detection methods can be amended to ensure biosecurity in crowded places. We expect this part of the feature to be staged in the entrance to a sports stadium or music venue to use these as examples of typical security control requirements.

Recovery – This segment will focus on overcoming the challenges passengers, airport staff and Border Force officials face during the international arrivals process. It will look at solutions that bring around behavioural change in order to give passengers the confidence to travel, as well as ways to improve the passenger journey, making crossing the border quick, efficient and seamless while also focusing on safety and security. There will
therefore be an emphasis on innovative technologies that support high volumes of passengers in a COVID-secure way. We expect this part of the feature to be staged in and around the arrivals hall of an international airport or ferry port.

Rebuild – This segment will focus on how Her Majesty’s Government and the security industry will work together to make future online working arrangements as safe as possible. It will demonstrate how new technologies and processes can ensure the same security benefits from home working that you would expect in the office environment. This will be concentrated around: identification and access control; end-to-end security; and an internet of things. We expect this part of the feature to be staged inside a home working environment.

How to get involved – the opportunity

This exciting immersive feature will present what the future state may look like, so we are seeking both innovative solutions and established products that could be solutions to these policy challenges. JSaRC are looking to work with those who are interested in being involved to create new and engaging content for the experience. Security and Policing attracts ministers, senior civil servants and international delegations and is a great way to demonstrate how your technologies could support our efforts to boost the resilience and recovery of the UK as we look to rebuild to be more secure. We are looking for companies to either provide or work with JSaRC to create product concepts, video and sound materials and demonstrations.

We’re seeking applications from organisations that focus on the following:


  • Intelligent screening and detection methods within Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs).
  • Ensuring biosecurity within Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs)


  • Behavioural science, for example around controlling, guiding, and informing crowd flows,
    within an enclosed security setting.
  • Contactless personal verification for example using biometrics and biographics for the UK’s future borders.


  • Insider threat prevention.
  • Secure online working

Next steps – how to register your interest


Please complete the Invitation to Participate application survey by 12:00hrs on Monday, 26 October 2020.

JSaRC will review the responses submitted by this deadline, and you will be informed within four weeks, via your nominated point of contact, whether you have been successful in your application to be involved in the feature.


  • Where possible, video material should demonstrate the solution’s capability in a live setting. (E.g. footage of scanning technology actually scanning people). JSaRC will be able to provide filming resource/capability in certain circumstances where none already exists.
  • Please note this feature will not provide any Government endorsement or verification /certification of equipment.
  • This event is not a commercial activity. No goods or services will be purchased as a result of this event.

Successful participants are expected to have an exhibiting presence at Security and Policing 2021. An important part of the Immersive Experience will be the interface between suppliers and visitors. There will be opportunity for visitors to liaise directly with supplier representative(s) throughout the event. Please indicate on your submission if you require support to have a presence.