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BCB’s Police/SWAT modular armour plate carrier vest is equipped with an integrated quick release system which can be activated in less than five seconds and re-assembled in less than 20 seconds. The plate carrier is designed to receive additional and removable protectors (neck, shoulders, groin and coccyx) which enable the end user to scale up the level of personal protection in line with the risks they are faced with.Boat Stopping:Provided in boat-mounted and handheld formats to help quickly stop non-compliant boats used in narcotics trafficking, piracy or terrorist acts in your ports, docks or rivers without harming the boat or occupants.Floating Body Armour:BCB’s Inflatable Body Armour automatically inflates within seconds of being immersed in water. It provides a massive 275 Newtons of buoyancy. The system is self-righting which means that it will keep the wearer’s airways clear from the water.

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  • Personal Protection Equipment
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