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ClearTrail Technologies

Stand Z24

ClearTrail consults and designs solutions for federal-level Intelligence agencies who are in need of finding answers in times when the communication is all going encrypted. We offer ethical and sustainable solutions that provide deep insights from communication data. We provide technology that builds digital profiles based on communication patterns and behaviours, time and location across data sources like IP, voice, social media, etc. and makes an extensible use of machine learning to identify threats to a nation’s security and solve organised crimes.

Address SEZ Unit 1, SDF No. K-12
NSEZ, Noida – Phase II
Uttar Pradesh
Telephone +91 98717 73570

New Product Launch

Investigation Workbench

Probably the best investigation support system ever...Speed is the key, whether it is a crime investigation or an intelligence operation. A timely action doesn't just bring a criminal to justice but also helps in preventing the crime itself. Most of the investigations suffer a delay either due to the lack of appropriate tools that can extract the right information or inability to gather actionable intelligence out of such information.

Investigation Workbench is designed with a singular objective of accelerating technical investigations by:

1. Expediting the way crime data (CDR, IPDR internet intercepts, social media, forensics, images and documents) is analysed. It not only facilitates a faster consumption of data but also provides access to the information which is otherwise not available e.g. insights from suspect's encrypted IP communication.

2. Transforming the way information is correlated across different sources. Its unified exploration & visualisation helps an investigator connect the dots and create a complete picture of the persons of interest.

Experience the power of Investigation Workbench and see for yourself how it helps to establish intelligence cues, build powerful evidences and solve cases rapidly. Surprisingly, all it takes is a laptop...

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