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CROPS Surveillance

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CROPSSpecialist Surveillance Training Company‘Tailored training packages anywhere in the world’Since 2011 CROPS has concentrated on the development and delivery of the most comprehensive tactical and commercial surveillance training packages, as an innovative company our training syllabus is unique to today’s operational methods and techniques. We are committed to providing this service to defence, law-enforcement and government agencies only. As a discreet and professional company specialising in ‘small teams tactics’ within semi and high-risk non-permissive environments within remote locations, we teach conventional, and non-conventional tactics within the surveillance, reconnaissance and the intelligence gathering spectrum.As a company with ‘proven’ global training capabilities, our special projects team are totally self-reliant and fully equipped to deploy on any training task at short notice if required. We will, deliver the results you expect.

Address Unit 24
Stockwood Business Park
B96 6SX
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)1386 793988