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Environmental Defence Systems Limited

Stand C71

EDS Limited has one main aim … to make the world a safer place. Our three main security products are AvSax, BlastSax and the VbSax Blanket. AvSax are specially designed fire containment bags that will expand around burning electronic devices such as mobile phones on planes. Lithium-ion batteries power hundreds of devices carried on-board each flight and an increasing number are catching fire. Major carriers now have AvSax on all their aircraft as a precaution. BlastSax are sandless sandbags engineered to mitigate the impact of small explosive devices and can be taken to the scene and deployed far quicker than conventional sandbags. They have also proven to be able to stop bullets. Our VbSax Blanket mitigates dirty bombs. Our fourth product is FloodSax sandless sandbags and almost 3 million have now been sold worldwide and have proved themselves in action, saving countless properties from massive water damage.

Address PO Box 92
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)1484 641009

New Product Launch

VbSax Blanket

The Vapour Blanket – known as a VbSax - harnesses technology used in BlastSax sandless sandbags which can lessen the impact of improvised explosive devices.

The VbSax is lightweight and incredibly quick to deploy by just one person.

- Reduces the force by mitigating the fireball
- Mitigates any particulates that may get into the atmosphere from potential dirty bombs
- Can be made in different sizes
- Allows easy access to the suspect device once deployed

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