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GOS Systems

GOS Systems is a global specialist in the provision of Secure Communications and Tactical Intelligence capabilities.Secure CommunicationsWe are the leading UK supplier of a solution that protects the ‘real’ identities of both calling and called parties. Our ownership of a UK public telephone network enables us to deliver the solution globally, with the addition of a secure enclave that is isolated from all other public networks. We combine traditional telephony and mobile communications to provide end-to-end encryption across all platforms. Our solution allows the user to send encrypted text messages, group messages, one-to-one voice calls, conference calls, as well as sending secure files/images.Tactical intelligenceUtilising our patented Selective Network Diversion (SND) technology, we design and manufacture highly portable short-range IMSI/IMEI catchers. Designed for easy-to-use targeted field use, our SND technology allows for rapid and simultaneous capture of device identities from all networks across all access technologies (GSM, UMTS and LTE).

Address 32 St James’s Street
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)20 3190 6600

Products & Services

  • Counter Terrorism & Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Communications
  • Command & Control

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