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Oxford Wave Research

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Oxford Wave Research is a research and development company based in Oxford in the United Kingdom. Our main areas of research are in audio acquisition, processing and pattern recognition related product development and R&D services.Our areas of expertise are in:-Voice Biometrics and automatic speaker recognition-Speaker diarisation and speech processing-Product Development (software)-Mobile application development (iPhone/iPad and Android-based devices)-Audio Enhancement ServicesOur team has many years of experience developing solutions for law enforcement, military as well as other agencies both in the UK and around the world.We are a small, dedicated R&D house focused on developing audio acquisition and processing techniques, applying automatic acoustic pattern recognition techniques to speech and other signals, as well as publishing peer-reviewed research. We combine extensive experience in academic research, software engineering as well as programming expertise in low level video and audio processing.

Address Oxford Wave Research
Clarendon Business Centre, Sandford Gate
Sandy Lane West
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)1865 910345

New Product Launch

Vocalise Whispers

WHISPERS, the newest offering from Oxford Wave Research, is a powerful web-based, networked speaker recognition and comparison system. Tailored to investigative scenarios, it helps identify speakers from audio or video recordings of their voice by comparing them against a centralised database of suspect voice recordings. WHISPERS allows users to submit, compare, and manage voice recordings, and returns a results set of suspect speakers based on the similarity of their voices to a submitted query recording. WHISPERS has been built on the powerful machine-learning technology powering the trusted forensic speaker recognition software VOCALISE currently used in several forensic audio laboratories across the world.

Key advantages of the VOCALISE WHISPERS platform include
· Powerful text and language-independent voice comparisons robust to different recording conditions and devices
· An intuitive web-interface that doesn’t require complex software installation and training of users
· A networked hub-and-spoke architecture means end-user devices do not need to be powerful, significantly decreasing deployment and scaling costs
· Scalable networked system allows for hundreds of concurrent connections
· The WHISPERS database enables collection and management of a wide range of metadata including case details, reference names, date and time stamps, submission tracking to allow teams or forces to discover relationships between speakers in different investigations and to respond to them in a timely fashion.
· WHISPERS’ centralised architecture facilitates interoperability between teams and forces for cross case speaker comparisons
· Powerful user management, audit trail and access control, and reporting capabilities to ensure integrity and compliance of the search process.

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