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  • 11:41 am

    Juma Communications Ltd

    Juma Communications are pleased to be exhibiting at this years Security and Policing Exhibition. Juma are a UK based manufacturer and distributor of audio communications accessories for use by law enforcement and security professionals. Juma have many years’ experience of supplying high quality rugged accessories to demanding markets. Our products range from simple speaker microphones […]

  • 11:21 am

    Eastman Staples Limited

    Established in 1893, Eastman Staples is a leading company in the manufacture and supply of military, law enforcement, and civilian uniforms, combat and tactical clothing, accessories and footwear, supplying armed forces, law enforcement agencies, public and private sectors worldwide. Eastman Staples’ products utilise advanced design and materials, including BION ceramic nano technology for unrivalled comfort […]

  • 11:21 am

    Ultimate Ear Protection

    Ultimate are an ISO 9001 accredited, British company producing custom-fit hearing protection for all industrial and personal needs. Our plugs are CE approved and offer the highest quality, most comfortable, cost-effective alternative to disposable plugs – just fit and forget.With the ever-growing claims culture, it is imperative that companies offer their staff the best possible […]

  • 11:01 am

    Beechwood Equipment Ltd

    Beechwood Equipment Ltd is a specialist distributor of security and defence products to UK law enforcement, SAR and Ministry of Defence (NCAGE: KOF-82). Beechwood is an ISO9001 2015 UKAS accredited company. Areas of expertise include: optical sights, electro-optics. Protective equipment including, gloves, ballistic helmets and ballistic eyewear, armour and load carriage. Tactical surveillance cameras and […]

  • 11:01 am

    5.11 Tactical

    Always Be Ready…The FBI Training Academy adopted the original 5.11® Pant as its training pant in 1992, forging a decades-long relationship that drives 5.11®’s commitment to public safety and the first responder community.5.11 Tactical® began developing a more extensive law enforcement line in 2003. Our designers work together with public safety professionals to create gear […]

  • 10:41 am

    Fenton Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    Fenton Pharmaceuticals has for many years supplied the MoD and public sector organisations with a wide range of pre-hospital trauma care products. Our knowledge of this industry sector has provided the grounding to attract many new products that we have been able to introduce into the UK and Irish markets. This equipment is sourced from […]

  • 10:41 am

    Paramo Ltd

    Páramo Directional Clothing Systems is an award-winning outdoor clothing manufacturer – offering uniquely high levels of performance, environmental sustainability and ethical production. Páramo waterproofing is indefinitely renewable, offering greater long term value.Our clothing is highly durable, easy to repair in the field and won’t fail when punctured.Even in the harshest conditions, the system can still […]

  • 10:21 am

    Ultimat Defence Ltd

    Ultimat Defence Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of officer safety and control and restraint training equipment to the UK police, prison services, NHS and other government agents for more than 25 years, we can now confirm that Ultimat Defence are truly a global brand, with training equipment now being shipped to all four corners […]

  • 10:21 am

    RFID Secure Ltd

    With a vital application towards security in Government, Military, Health, Education, Finance and Industry, RFID Secure’s ground-breaking product group should be of interest to all parties concerned with Anti-Terrorism, Crime Prevention, Facilities invasion, Corporate and Personal protection against Identity Theft and financial loss.Do you know how easy it is for a criminal to enter your […]

  • 10:01 am

    DMS Protective Equipment Ltd

    Once again this year we are showing our market leading Scorpion range of public order equipment. Our CAST certified, British-made lightweight limb protection continues its success at home and abroad. As part of our ongoing research and development programme, this year we are going to introduce a modified shoulder and upper arm guard offering improved […]