• 11:41 am

    Nuance Communications

    Biometrics are an invaluable and proven security tool used all over the world to assist in crime prevention, investigation efforts, and voice analysis. Nuance leads the pack in developing and employing solutions in governments, military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies.Nuance, and our public security division Agnitio, is the global leader in public security solutions that […]

  • 11:31 am

    CEDAR Audio Ltd

    CEDAR Audio’s noise reduction, speech enhancement and surveillance recording systems are used worldwide by national and regional police forces, security services, counter-terrorism organisations, customs services, drug enforcement agencies and air accident investigation bureaux. The CEDAR SE 1 speech enhancer is a small, powerful and practical field surveillance solution that sits between the microphone and the […]

  • 11:31 am

    Acume Forensics Ltd

    Acumé Forensics are the UK’s leading producer of Courtroom presentations and associated ancillary services. Such as 3D scene reconstruction animations and interactive games environments, including VR walk through of crime scene. CCTV capture, review, image analysis, editing and annotation. Audio and video enhancement and other forensic Imaging services. Expert in morphological facial identification, with over […]

  • 11:31 am

    SIM Secure Information Management GmbH

    SIM is a professional partner for government security and a major manufacturer and provider of professional video, monitoring and countermeasure technology. Concept and design are based on customer’s requirements. Our product range includes: Cameras, Transmission and Acoustic Systems, Celular and Satellite Monitoring, VIP Protection, Forensic, Technical Countermeasure.We offer project management, maintenance and training. Address Chemnitzer […]

  • 11:21 am

    PA & 7Safe

    7Safe, part of PA Consulting Group has a world-class reputation in cyber security advice, risk management, capability development, incident response and threat hunting services across multiple sectors including national defence and security, police forces and government.Since 2001, we have helped clients identify and address cyber threats – increasing their overall trust in the systems that […]

  • 11:11 am


    Verogen is the world’s first company solely focused on forensic genomics. Powered by the global leader in massively parallel sequencing technology, Verogen brings modern molecular biology and software advancements to expand forensic capabilities. Verogen’s flagship product, the MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System, is the first fully validated DNA-to-data workflow designed by and for forensic DNA […]

  • 11:11 am


    SeeQuestor is the complete solution for post-event analysis of video for law enforcement and security. Based on cutting-edge British research, the platform has been designed in close consultation with British police teams who review video data 24-7. The system can deliver results up to 100 times quicker than conventional methods, and is being used in […]

  • 11:01 am

    Disklabs Ltd

    At Disklabs, data is our business. Our products and services help our clients solve and prevent crime.The UK’s ‘original Disklabs faraday bags’ are used to shield digital devices from the battle field to the boardroom in over 80 countries. Our Faraday Bags, guarantee the security of evidence, protect important files and safe guard key information […]

  • 11:01 am

    4Secure Ltd

    4Secure are an agile and innovative cyber security company, industry renowned for its highly professional and experienced team of information security professionals providing services and innovative solutions used to counter and respond to the most sophisticated and targeted cyber threats. High-level network defence solutions, including data diodes, for cross-domain transfer. Strategic cyber security and customer […]

  • 11:01 am

    Cubica Technology

    Cubica Technology is a research and development organisation specialising in image and video analysis, machine learning, data fusion, and digital forensics. We develop world-leading technology and systems to address real-world defence and security challenges. Our team includes multiple PhDs from Oxford, Imperial and UCL and award-winning data science expertise. We have a combination of deeply […]

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