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Corporate IT Systems Ltd

Stand C105

In any aircraft incident, accident or disaster, the cause is almost always quickly identied once the Black Boxes are interrogated – why should it not be the same for all organisations? Protective Monitoring or Lawful Business Monitoring is a requirement for most organisations, but there is still much confusion as to how it should be approached, implemented and budgeted for. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, Corporate IT Systems have the answer in their Audit Trail Appliance (ATA). Every IT action such as applications used, keys pressed, documents altered, emails sent and received, URLs visited, GPS locations, SMS and phone call activity can all be recorded. Currently used by 23 Police Forces, it is essentially a Black Box for Business; impossible to alter, unreadable to all but those with the authority to do so and continuously recording every user action from Windows, Citrix, Email, Tablets and Android devices.

Address A12
Arena Business Centre
Holyrood Close
BH17 7FJ
Telephone +44 (0)1225 694295

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