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Cubica Technology

Stand P6

Cubica Technology provides state of the art machine learning based software and systems for processing imagery, video, text and sensor data at large scales.Cubica’s deep-learning based TensorGrid platform rapidly processes imagery and video from seized devices or live streams. Processing millions of images an hour on consumer grade hardware, it automatically detects a vast array of content including weapons, drugs, terrorist imagery, and CSE data (via the Vigil AI classifier). Relationships in the data are identified through Face Recognition and content-based similar image search. Available in standalone triage and scalable server forms, TensorGrid provides a suite of intuitive tools to support analysts with summarising, searching and understanding data from investigations. Cubica’s OMNISCIENT system provides true multi-task, multi-platform autonomous UAS control with onboard deep-learning based image recognition and data fusion. OMNISCIENT allows for fully hands-off reconnaissance and response over large geographical areas using Beyond Visual Line of Sight control.

Address Unit 4
Woking 8
Forsyth Road
GU21 5SB
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)1483 770396

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