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Cunning Running Software Ltd delivers specialist geospatial threat and vulnerability assessment tools, supporting law enforcement, counter terrorism and military agencies, at home and overseas.The innovative software is used by UK Police and Military, and internationally by the US TSA, Australian Federal Police, Moroccan Police, German, Australian, French, and Canadian Air Forces, amongst others. It aids production of detailed Stand-Off Weapon and Counter Drone Vulnerability Assessments, supporting the mitigation of terrorist attack locations, and maintaining a surveillance and target acquisition plan. It is used for Counter MANPADS Assessments at major airports around the world. The software identifies firing points, and drone control and launch areas, around a target, crowded place, or critical national infrastructure. Subsequently, it assists security teams in carrying out effective and systematic searches of specific sites.Police Search Advisors use the software for locating missing persons, allowing teams to accurately visualise, search, record and share search areas.

Address Bell House
32 Bell Street
SO51 8GW
Telephone 01794 834750

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