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Cyan Forensics finds child abuse and terrorist material on suspect devices fast, finding in minutes in the field what used to take hours in the lab. Described by the UK Government as “game-changing” tech, Cyan Examiner was positively assessed by the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) as “working well to quickly and effectively identify child sexual abuse materials” and “cutting the time needed to point investigators in the right direction”. Brand new product launches include Cyan Mobile Triage and Cyan Offender Manager, further putting rapid triage technology into the hands of front-line policing and border operations. Increasing their international focus, Cyan has partnered with Susteen and MCM Solutions, new international Contraband Filters are in development, and products are gaining traction internationally.Cyan Protect provides effective protection for social media, cloud and messaging apps. Protect enables better regulation, data sharing and works in end-to-end encrypted messages.

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3 Lady Lawson Street
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 7732 062 996

New Product Launch

Cyan Mobile Triage

Available for trial from February 2021, Cyan Forensics is proud to launch Cyan Mobile Triage.

Cyan Mobile Triage enables Cyan Examiner technology, that finds child abuse and terrorist material on suspect devices in minutes in the field, to now be used on mobile phones.

Cyan Mobile Triage addresses the issue which has been described as the holy grail of digital forensics; the ability to very quickly, and very thoroughly, scan a mobile phone for known illegal data. It allows police to find digital evidence on IOS and Android devices in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days.

Cyan Mobile Triage, further puts rapid triage technology into the hands of front-line policing and border operations.

In addition to supporting better investigative decision making through finding evidence faster (delivering results within the initial custody window or in situations where digital triage was previously impossible), Cyan Mobile Tirage’s speed significantly reduces risks, eliminates backlogs, and digitally enables its police users.

This new generation of mobile digital forensic triage is already helping law enforcement agencies tackle some of the gravest crimes, such as child sexual exploitation (CSE) and terrorism.

Cyan Mobile Triage can find evidence on mobile phones around 100x faster than traditional methods, allowing it to be used for on-site triage, or in the laboratory, to rapidly identify, prioritise, and eliminate mobile devices. The technology can also find deleted data and file fragments.

For further information and to find out about a trial, please contact Graham Little at Cyan on

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