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Iceni Labs


Iceni Labs is committed to mission critical science; we develop and deploy cutting-edge technologies and science to build a safer and more secure tomorrow. Founded in 2013, Iceni Labs takes early stage technology from the lab to the market by partnering with outstanding academics and researchers and an extensive network of commercial experts.We’ve worked on a wide range of innovative projects across broad sectors. We have partnered with the NHS to accelerate the development of a non-contact device for monitoring vital signs of patients remotely. We’ve worked with MoD to develop technology that enables personnel to identify individuals through barriers without the requirement to physically enter in person or with surveillance equipment. We’ve designed the world’s most sensitive and robust pressure sensor for the oil and gas industry. And we’ve built a cutting-edge vertical farm that has the potential to feed people in even the most remote and austere environments.

Address Fuel Tank, Units A05-06, 8-12 Creekside
Greater London
United Kingdom
Telephone 07919 337723

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