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OpenWorks Engineering Ltd


OpenWorks Engineering develops world-leading counter-UAS products for security and counter terrorism authorities. The company has developed innovative drone capture and autonomous optical detection and tracking systems. The SkyWall systems offers the capability to protect the public, VIPs, prisons and critical national infrastructure from the threats posed by commercially available drones.The SkyWall Autonomous Optics range provides the latest technology in artificial intelligence optical detection and tracking. Industry leading target tracking capabilities with the ability to reject false alarms raised by primary detection systems is achieved by combining cutting edge academic research in computer vision with motion control techniques.SkyWall Patrol and Auto offer drone capture in handheld and remotely operated forms. They offer a cost effective, proportionate and physical response, allowing the operator to capture and bring down a drone safely. SkyWall net capture systems have several inbuilt safety features to allow its use within a populated environment.

Address OpenWorks Engineering Ltd
Stocksfield Hall
NE43 7TN
United Kingdom
Telephone 01434400469

New Product Launch


SkyTrack is a low cost high performance target detection, classification and tracking system for use in specialist law enforcement and critical national infrastructure missions. Deploying the latest academic research in computer vision with powerful embedded deep learning artificial intelligence to provide responsive, accurate and detailed tracking performance for integrated systems with a low false alarm rate.

SkyTrack uses AI to provide fully autonomous operation and minimise false alarms, only alerting the operator to actual threats and providing world leading focussed video streams of the target. The latest academic research in AI is applied to detect targets and maintain a consistent track on small, fast changing profiles against extremely challenging backgrounds.

This uniquely allows for the autonomous hand over from primary sensors such as radar to SkyTrack without any human intervention, a feature which can also be used to significantly reduce false positives from the primary sensor.
The implementation and system architecture allow SkyTrack’s AI to be reconfigured to classify and track new objects for use in land, sea or air defence missions.

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