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Overview Ltd.


Overview is an award-winning innovator dedicated to leading the sensor pointing market. From our UK R&D and manufacturing facility, Overview provide precision Integrated Servo Motors and Sensor Platforms discriminated by agility, pointing performance, low size weight and power, and reliability. In today’s emerging paradigm where computers and Artificial Intelligence are increasingly the primary consumers of video, radar and lidar sensor data, Overview’s products provide agile direct-drive motion, low latency response, unparalleled pointing precision, edge processing and stabilisation. A global exporter and proven manufacturer, Overview offers both off-the-shelf products and the ability to rapidly define, develop and supply custom solutions for specific applications. Please contact us at We would be delighted to discuss your sensor positioning challenges and introduce you to our family of Integrated Servo Motors plus our growing range of overt and covert surveillance, reconnaissance and security cameras and sensor platforms, for fixed or mobile application.

Address Overview House
Kingswey Business Park
Forsyth Road
GU21 5SA
Telephone +44 (0)208 875 0984

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