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Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing Ltd

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The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing is a research and training consultancy, which applies research evidence to improve policing practices worldwide.

Evidence-Based Policing is the systematic practice of applying research to decision-making in policing. It refers to both the body of research that can be applied to policing practices, as well as the body of research about how to apply it (in a wide range of tactical, organisational, financial, and political contexts). Evidence-Based Policing is a global social movement by and among police professionals, who apply research evidence to improve policing practices. The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing’s Director, Professor Lawrence W. Sherman, is the founder of Evidence-Based Policing and Honorary President of the Society of Evidence-Based Policing (UK). A world-renowned police innovator and educator, he has led over thirty police experiments.

The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing works with police forces in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, India, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Denmark. Its current research projects include running a randomised control trial with the Ministry of Justice on the effectiveness of mandatory polygraph tests for convicted domestic abuse perpetrators and delivering a guidance document and toolkit on the policing of serious violence hotspots for the College of Policing and the Home Office.

The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing provides professional expertise to police forces worldwide, as well as developing and implementing bespoke forecasting and other algorithmic tools. 

The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing provides training programmes to police forces worldwide. These include readily available courses and courses tailored to address organisations’ needs. The courses are delivered at Cambridge on a residential basis, at an organisation’s site upon request, and online.

Address Salisbury House, Station Road
United Kingdom

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