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Counter-Drones Unit

In January 2019 the Counter-Drones Unit was established within the Home Office, with an overarching role to coordinate a whole of Government and Law Enforcement community in relation to domestic counter-drones policy. 

The UK Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Strategy published in October 2019 seeks to counter and prevent malicious drone usage. Key strands of work to do this include:

  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the evolving risks posed by the malicious and illegal use of drones. 
  • Taking a ‘full spectrum’ approach to deter, detect and disrupt the misuse of drones.
  • Building strong relationships across the scientific community to ensure we understand the risks and opportunities presented by emerging technologies and to develop robust testing approaches to support procurement.
  • Empowering the police and other operational responders through access to counter-drone capabilities and effective legislation, training and guidance.

The Counter-Drones unit has established a governance system that ensures the cross-government community is fully collaborative to deliver Strategy commitments. Our three-tiered approach to governance ensures we provide accountability, challenge and direction. 

Our current priorities are very much focused on risk assessment and ensuring that we have the technological expertise to be able to more effectively mitigate the threat drones pose, while safeguarding the huge benefits drones can bring to the UK. To that end we continue to invest in research and development for C-UAS technology innovation via DASA and other research programmes, and continue to support testing of commercial Detect, Track and Identify (DTI) equipment by the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure, alongside the exploration of further  options for testing of C-UAS equipment.

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