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Stand D24

Excession is a decision and domain advantage platform, layering and analysing sensor data across land, sea, space and air. Blending machine learning and automation for real-time contextual understanding, it helps deliver exceptional outcomes, faster. Ideal for multi-agency scenarios, Excession is easy to use and agile by design, allowing interoperability while preserving data control.  During major incidents, multiple organisations and agencies can collaborate and share data views and insights seamlessly, securely and in real-time. Excession provides:

Dynamic Interoperability: ad hoc ‘need to know, need to share’ connections of data views while maintaining data controls.

Decentralised Decision Making: providing shared, real-time data views including to and from mobile devices. Our Mobile App provides a rich information picture and considerable functionality, similar to that usually only seen in Command and Operations rooms, providing field-users the ability to make informed decisions on the move.

Data Insight: Blend real-time and recorded data to increase awareness and understanding.

Extreme Scale Data Model: Combine complex, multimodal sources in a single model enabling faster access, better understanding and reduced costs.

Use Excession for:

  • Operations Rooms with multi-agency involvement
  • E-Log Keeping for evidentially compliant activity records
  • Real-time geospatial analytics
  • Automate Pattern of Life discovery
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