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Home Office Future Borders and Immigration System: Digitise (FBIS)

Future Borders & Immigration System (FBIS) Digitise 

As part of our wider future border and immigration system transformation, we are laying the groundwork for reforms in crossing the border. This includes the future introduction of Electronic Travel Authorisations (ETAs), as part of the creation of a ‘universal permission to travel’. This means anybody who wants to come to the UK must seek permission to do so in advance of their travel– much like the system countries like the USA and Canada have had in place for some years.

The increased use of digital permissions represents a significant change in border security, but it will empower us with a new ability to know more about people before they reach the UK border and, therefore, be able to decide who can come into our country from a more informed position. We will also work with carriers to intervene earlier when people make attempts to travel to the UK without permission.

By offering an increasingly digital experience when arriving at UK this will allow for greater automation: and will allow Border Force Officers to make more targeted interventions while allowing the vast majority of customers to have a smooth experience traveling through the border.

Address United Kingdom

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