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Stand A95

FORMOBILE aims at developing a complete forensic investigation chain, targeting mobile devices. A result of the project should be a holistic view of all areas of mobile forensics, including fundamental rights, allowing continued research on the complete investigation chain.

The project was divided into 10 Work Packages that reflect the analysis chain used by security practitioners that examine mobile evidence.

The forensic investigation chain is broken into three steps: acquisition, decoding and analysis of data.

The 3-year, EU-funded project has worked on three primary outputs: 

1. Tools
Innovative new tools available to LEAs, allowing for the rapid retrieval, storage and analysis of mobile phone data.

The goal is to provide tools, methods and education to help LEAs track down criminals and terrorists who are using the latest technology to attempt to evade detection and commit criminal activities.

2. Standard 
A standardised European process for the forensic investigation of mobile phones.It is also an aim for the new FORMOBILE standard, to become a European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), Workshop Agreement (CWA). CWAs are frequently the forerunner of ENs and ISO standards.

The objective is to collect the best practices and common working methods – combining them to an agreed standard, which is to be adopted by the relevant stakeholders across Europe.

3. Training
The training was one area where the team had ambitious and challenging plans. The partners involved in these activities have taken a systematic approach throughout the project – first by understanding the gaps and needs in training curricula across the EU (and other areas), and by analysing how some of the gaps could be bridged as part of the three-year initiative.

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