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Handsfree Group

Stand P8

Handsfree R5: The future of 4G LTE Critical Communication for Push-to-talk, voice, data & video.

Exceeding the limitations of TETRA, the Handsfree R5 LTE device modernises current mission critical equipment, offering high-capacity data sharing, and reliable, secure communication.

Handsfree Group hold 17 years of experience in vehicle technology and installation, producing products and software for transport, logistics, and mission critical clients. In collaboration with several global strategic partners, namely Advantech and Pei Tel (amongst others), the R5 Fixed Vehicle Device has undergone a rapid process of design, development, testing, certification, accreditation, and assurance. Handpicked leading experts from across the critical communications sector have worked tirelessly through the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic, from the projects humble beginnings in November 2019, to deliver a fully functioning device as of January 2022.

The R5 system consists of a main control unit, accompanied by a 5.7” or 7” user-interface (UI) panel, and a wide range of associated rugged accessories (including headsets, speakers, antenna, microphones, and more). The UI Panel declutters the dashboard, integrating Emergency Warning Lights, Matrix Signs, Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR), and other communication controls all into one screen. The 4G LTE network not only significantly improves the quality, consistency, and coverage of communication, but it also allows for the display of crucial data, such as geographical locations (via W3W and Google Maps).

Due to the sleek design of the system, it can be fitted into any vehicle type, and adapted to the user. A small 5.7” UI Panel may be a better fit for a police vehicle, compared to a larger 7” UI Panel for a fire appliance. On a motorcycle, remote controls can be fitted to the handlebar for greater functionality; an untethered, Bluetooth integrated R5 helmet would allow for the quick and efficient deployment of the rider.

The R5 has been praised for its versatility, reliability, and ease of use. It is a real game changer in the vehicle communications industry, and will undoubtedly improve public safety, ultimately saving lives. The Handsfree R5 team will be attending multiple critical communication exhibitions with the device across the year – in the UK, US, and Europe. For further information please visit or contact

Address 6 Lumsdale Road, Trafford Park
United Kingdom

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