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Safe Training Systems Ltd

Stand E91

Safe Training Systems Ltd manufactures and supplies training devices for use in the Nuclear and homeland security sectors.  Our training devices replicate real Radiation and Contamination meters and probes and are used to teach new students the basics or radiation and the correct use and implementation of various Radaiton meters and Contamination probes.  The simulated meters are also used to aid Health Physics workers in the correct monitoring technique and methodology for identifiying contamination, reducing cross contamination and in the decontamination of surfaces and articles.

The systems use a harmless clear liquid spray to simulate radiaoactive contamination which creates a small isolated area which must be carefully monitored to identify, the liquid forms a small gas cloud that sits close to the surface meaning the student must monitor carefully to identify it.  The liquid completely evaporates in time meaning the area use is clean to be reused for the next training session.  Meters available include the Thermo Mini900, Ludlum Model 3 and a range of smart probes for use with real meters such as the Automess 6150AD.

Radiation training is completed using a Radiofrequency source and reciever which is built into the meter.  The system is effectively a 2.4Ghz network in which up to 16 units can be linked for a larger scale exercise.  The sources which come in various formats have a range of up to 12m and multiple sources can be used simulataneously to generate complex field patterns and scenarios.  STS offer a arange of Generic meters and also modified meters such as the Thermo RadEye G10, FH40 and Automess 6150AD.

STS has been supplying simulators worldwide for over 30 years through a network of distributors  – STS instruments in the UK are supplied by Pycko Scientific Limited.

Address Unit 33 Space Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane
United Kingdom

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