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Santor Security Inc

Stand C44

Santor Security Inc  is the first company in the world to market a device equipped with remotely updatable software that reduces the risk of oral information leakage: the HARP.
How do you ensure that your sensitive conversations stay private? 
The HARP system is the latest, most innovative speech/voice protector available today. With it, you can now ensure that your confidential conversations stay private and minimize the risks of eavesdropping and malevolent recordings. 

Enjoy peace of mind and privacy, at the push of a button. 

The HARP system enables you to protect your face-toface private conversations from:
• Voice recorders (analog or digital), clandestine listening devices wireless or not
• Direct human listening, via stethoscope and much more
• Smartphones, computers & tablets microphones & applications

Address 10440 Av. Henault

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