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Sensus Futuris

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Sensus Futuris Limited is a specialised Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, focusing on advanced image and video analytics – for a wide range of solutions in Security, Law Enforcement, Retail and other applications where the automatic detection and understanding of visual data is mission critical.  Sensus Futuris is a spinout from the University of Surrey’s world famous Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), recognised globally for its major contributions to this field for more than 35 years. The company’s core technologies have been built upon that long-standing research base, most recently reinforced by a 5 year research programme specifically aimed at the development of ground-breaking image analysis technology to power new more effective solutions to image understanding in the area of low-light, low-contrast and poor image quality and specificity.
This most recent R&D programme was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and has included the participation of the Home Office, the London Metropolitan Police Service and other key interested parties.  The resulting uniquely powerful AI technology is now being made available commercially – as robust real-world solutions ready to install at customers’ premises, or be delivered remotely as a bureau service.
The technologies developed include-

  • CAPTURE – the Sensus Futuris AI powered image management and analysis solution, specifically designed and built for use in Law Enforcement and Security. CAPTURE delivers cross-modal and multimodal person and object search capability across any image or video database, large or small – delivering results with previously unattainable accuracy and speed.
  • PROTECTOR™ – the Sensus Futuris cross resolution face image matching system
  • CURATOR™ – the Sensus Futuris video ingestion solution, establishing and curating identities found in video footage
  • VisMePass™ – the secure small platform go-anywhere solution for personal identity verification, with guaranteed privacy and GDPR compliance
  • RobustAGE™ – the Sensus Futuris highly accurate AI assisted automatic age estimation solution – for automatic till enablement in Retail and other applications where accurate age determination is mission critical.

Sensus Futuris is based on the Surrey University Research Park in Guildford, with direct  access to state-of-the-art research and development facilities. Thanks to the company’s close links with the University, the AI technologies developed by Sensus Futuris are continuously updated. To stay ahead of the field in this fast-moving arena.

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered image management and analysis system offering uniquely powerful database, search and identification capabilities.  The Capture family of solutions have been specifically designed for use by appropriate authorities in society’s fight against crime, disorder and terrorism.  The creators of Capture are Sensus Futuris Ltd, a spinout from the University of Surrey’s world famous Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), recognised globally for its major contribution to this field over the last 35 years.  The design and development has also been closely informed by specialist advice from experienced police officers, so that Capture’s technological power results in operational effectiveness in day-to-day Law Enforcement settings.
The Capture family of solutions is designed to serve police services, counter-terrorism teams and other custodians of Law, Order and Security by making the image data they collect and store a much richer and more fruitful source of investigationally useful information.  Capture systems ingest, store and use standard imagery already collected by police and other appropriate bodies, in connection with their investigations. These can be in still picture or video-clip form, deriving from mug-shot images, cctv (both public and private), body-worn video cameras and many other sources.  Capture systems ingest, store, search and cross-relate these data in a unique way that adds powerful new value to databases that have historically been more cumbersome and less productive than is now possible using Capture’s AI technology.  Though including world-leading facial biometric capabilities, Capture is NOT an automatic face-recognition solution alone.  It is much more than that.
When investigating officers are seeking further information about a crime, either to narrow down the possible identity of a crime suspect or to better understand a suspect’s modus operandi, for instance in gang associations in “County Lines” cases, their Capture or CapturePlus system will respond automatically to their enquiries; scanning through thousands, or, if necessary, millions of images
When an investigation team poses a question to Capture – either in the form of a “find/match this crime scene image” query , or simply in the form of a verbal description of the suspect provided by an eye witness – Capture will deploy its world-leading AI search, matching and identification capabilities to detect and highlight relevant images.  The highlighted images, in rank order of likely usefulness, are then presented to the investigating officers responsible as possible answers to their enquiry.  The search between image based information and descriptive text is seamless, providing Law Enforcement and Counter-terrorism teams a unique new tool to aid them in their work – both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and in relation to how much more can be achieved using AI than is physically possible using diligent manpower alone.
Capture solutions will work with any legacy database and also with combinations of existing manually curated face and CCTV image databases.  Designed by AI experts with the help of police experts with front line experience in this field, the Capture family of solutions has been designed specifically with investigating officers in mind – both in terms of its operational practicality and its strict adherence to all necessary legal and ethical requirements, include those of the GDPR.
Operational Capture features include search report generation, graphical user interface for image data entry and annotation, an in-built data compiler for search, retrieval and image entry statistics and key process prompts for GDPR compliant management of all data.

            An AI powered video analytics tool, providing a summary of the video content in the form of a list of unique identities present in the footage, and their location in the video stream, including body worn cameras. As one of the supported functionalities, the product facilitates the search for a specific video content defined either verbally or visually. 

VisMePass is a person specific privacy protected affirmation in a secure symbol. It can be used anywhere there is a need to confirm identity or entitlement and share data
safely.  VisMePass is issued by a trusted body. It encrypts person’s private information using his/her face as the key. Its ownership can be verified by the gate keeper using an app running on a ubiquitous device such as a mobile phone.
            Protector is a state of the art face recognition system that can detect all the faces in a live/offline video feed and compute unique facial features for each one of them. By reference to a selective watch list, the technology can accurately match each person in the video to the watch list gallery and alert the user in case of hits. The unique value proposition is its superior low resolution face recognition capability which can help to identify candidate identities from face images of sizes as low as 20 x 20 pixels.

Address The Surrey Technology Centre, 40 Occam Road
United Kingdom

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