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Sentinel Photonics

Stand C1

Sentinel Photonics protects customers from laser threats.  We make versatile, class-leading and cost-effective laser detectors that can be man-worn or deployed in cockpits, as well as fit-for-purpose laser protection filters.   We are a MOD spin-put company; our LASERD laser detection technology was invented within MOD to protect troops from weapons-grade lasers, and has now been adapted to also provide real time warning and assurance in policing and security settings.  LASERD continuously scans for threats, and records laser information in a central database, including footage of incidents.  We then use that laser information to develop or select appropriate protection filters for a variety of use cases.

LASERD has been rigorously tested in outdoor trials against real laser threats.  We are currently in the process of optimising our technology for specific customer needs, and hope to bring LASERD to full trials in late 2022.  Sentinel has offices in Farnborough and Porton Down, and would love to hear from anyone interested in laser protection.

Address Porton Science Park
United Kingdom

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