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Tactical Survey Systems Ltd

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Tactical Survey offers the latest in 360 imaging, spherical video and portable scanning technologies to rapidly record real world locations in almost any environment. Using specialist software, we quickly and securely build integrated plans, maps and models that can be viewed in an interactive way to quickly gain awareness of any site, building or location. Clients can drill into the detail, view in any direction, open text, audio and other rich media to gain a rapid awareness of a location's layout, assets, hazards and risks, prior to operational activities or project commencement. Post-incident visual surveys are also useful for presentation in court or to give senior managers remote awareness of sites, assets or project progression. Not only do we offer a service, we also provide recording systems, software training and support for clients who wish to carry out their own surveys or have existing equipment. Tactical Survey Solutions is part of a group of companies that includes Spherevision and TX Facilities, who recorded the first Google StreetView immersive media trial images of London and provided 360 multi camera interactive live event video streaming for the BBC. TX provides consultancy and advice to a broad range of clients, including the Dutch Police, Altrad & BP. If you have a project or a potential requirement in mind or would like to know more about the latest in interactive content recording and its applications, don't hesitate to make contact.

Services / Surveys

We offer a range of services including location recording, scanning, 360 survey project building, systems leasing, technical & software training, infield support and specialist system consultancy. Following a production meeting or briefing to discuss the requirement and the area to be covered, our technical team arrive on location and using an agreed route, rapidly record all areas using an integrated 360 camera system.The system records multiple frames per second that are processed to produce interactive spherical video and high resolution 360 degree still images. Other recording technologies can be included in the survey including 4K linear video, high resolution still images, site specific & geo-positional information, asset markers, tags and audio notes. The recorded data is then rapidly integrated with a plan, layout, geoTIFF image or map and made available for immediate presentation, analysis & review, delivered as a Project on a data drive or for loading onto a network server. Locations can also be surveyed using a Lidar scanning system. The resultant point cloud is either viewed for situational awareness or automatically converted into a 3D model for presentation and measurement.

 Presentation / Software

Once the survey imagery, video and positional data has been recorded, we use specialist project software to integrate the recorded media into a map, layout or plan for use and visualisation in an interactive way. Adding route markers, tags and icons to allow the user to intuitively explore the area and build up an awareness of assets, risks and routes. Scanned point cloud data is rapidly processed with specialist software that automatically converts it into a 3D model for exploration, measurement or CAD development. The point clouds can also be viewed and explored using an interactive Viewer for rapid awareness. 

Recording  / Systems

The range of recording systems used for surveys includes portable or vehicle mounted 360 integrated sensors and recorders with GPS, rigged in a number of different configurations. Other options include smaller devices including 4K 360 image and linear video camcorders suitable for handheld or drone use. Lidar scanners are used in a number of configurations, either rapid collection portable devices or tripod mounted for scanning larger areas or where better resolution is required. Scanners can also include integrated colour cameras to give RGB values to individual scan points to enable better visualisation.

Training & Support

For clients wishing to purchase or rent recording systems and software, Tactical Solutions offer training, either at their facilities base and workshops in Shepperton Studios SW London, or on clients own premises. Training includes equipment set up and familiarisation, location recording techniques, data recording, processing & storage, project builds, use of software viewers, server applications and secure network distribution. Courses are tailored to suit each clients requirement and the range of recording mediums likely to be used.

Sectors & Applications

The use of interactive maps and plans, 360 surveys and scanning projects have a range of applications. In police and security they can provide essential awareness of a location to commanders, first-responders and security teams. Priority infrastructure sites and critical buildings, from government offices to schools, can be recorded in advance and used for tactical awareness when an incident occurs. Plans can show ingress and egress points, services shut off locations, wall and door construction and layout. Following an incident, first-responder awareness provided by interactive maps and models can be invaluable, including courtroom presentation. For corporate use, awareness of remote sites, facilities and assets can provide important information for senior executives, planners and facility managers. In sectors where induction training and facility awareness are essential, especially where critical infrastructure and site safety are paramount, awareness and familiarisation using interactive site maps and building layouts can be both cost saving and used to great advantage to give workers and security teams advanced awareness prior to deployment in hazardous areas.

 360 / Scanning

The use of 360 images for route awareness is well known. A series of images at regular intervals along the route is fine for certain applications, but for full awareness, Spherevision rapid collection allows visualisation from every metre along the route.  Lidar scanning is well known for its use in construction but the huge amounts of data collected make visualisation difficult and processing time consuming. However, we utilise specialist software for on location rapid processing and visualisation immediately after the scanning is completed. 

 Route Reconnaissance & Awareness

Our recording  systems can be vehicle mounted for rapid route surveys, across, through and over any terrain. Our systems record multiple frames per second at high resolution with geopositional data that can be used for interactive map integration, presentation & 360 degree route awareness or threat & risk analysis. The survey result is typically presented as full motion video which when paused, opens up to a high resolution 360 image frame for analysis. Options are available for street view 360 image presentation or lidar scanning and 3D model visualisation.

 Public Building Response Awareness

Surveys of public buildings can be rapidly produced and made available for first responder awareness Our recording systems can be backpack mounted or handheld for rapid route surveys through buildings and around difficult confined environments. Our systems record multiple frames per second at high resolution for interactive floor plan and layout presentation & 360 degree route and building awareness. The survey result is typically presented as full motion 360 video or high resolution 360 image frames at different points in each room. Other rich media can be included such as door and services shut off points and other construction information that can be used for tactical analysis. Survey options are also available for lidar scanning and 3D model visualisation. 

Examples / Case Studies

Our clients range from Security & Policing to Legal & Commercial. In every case our technology has been invaluable in providing awareness and remote visualisation. Examples include –

Case Study A – Policing & Incident Recording

In cases of serious traffic accidents involving multiple collisions with fatalities, a rapid way of recording the site of the incident was required. After evaluation, a Spherevision system was purchased with training, support and software to supplement the clients own Lidar scanning system. The Spherevision portable system with geopositional referencing could be more quickly deployed to record the incident scene for general analysis and presentation in court.

Case Study B – Commercial Asset & Land Disputes

A commercial landlord owned land that had been leased to a third party who had used the site and dumped general machine waste and junk over a large area and had failed to clear the site at the end of the lease. The commercial landlord and lawyers instigated a 360 ground and air visual survey of the site. The survey project was subsequently presented on Spherevision software in a legal court to prove the scale of the work and costs required to clear it.

Case Study C – Industrial & Manufacturing

A large motor vehicle manufacturer in the UK, required remote awareness of a manufacturing site in Spain and commissioned a survey of the existing factory layout that was scheduled to be redeveloped as a new engine assembly plant. Planners in the UK needed to be able to assess the requirements, services and space available at the new site and be able to visualise, present and explain them at executive planning meetings. The remote site’s existing assembly lines were recorded using a mobile (vehicle mounted) Spherevision system and both spherical video and high resolution 360 still images were integrated with the site map and building plans using our Project software.


Address TX 1A Shepperton Studios
United Kingdom

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