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Voyager Labs

Stand D32

Voyager Labs, a world leader in advanced AI-based investigation solutions, empowers law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide to gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, and topics.
The company’s proprietary AI technology enables investigators to easily analyze massive amounts of intelligence information as well as open, deep, and dark web data, understand content and human interactions and find hidden or unknown connections and relationships.

Voyager Labs features 4 state-of-the-art cloud-based platforms:
VoyagerCheck – Risk assessment platform designed to perform automated assessments at scale and identify potential risk in near real-time. The platform provides the ability to assess behavior by answering predefined questions, based on analysis of structured and unstructured data from a variety of databases and online sources.
VoyagerAnalytics – Deep analysis platform designed to analyze massive amounts of unstructured open, deep, and dark web data, as well as internal data, to uncover known or unknown connections and reveal actionable insights about individuals, groups, and topics, including content, influencers, and sentiments connected to a case.
VoyagerInsights – Central investigative platform designed to analyze any type of unstructured data, from any source, to automatically uncover hidden storylines accelerating investigations. By analyzing and understanding the case’s data, the platform discovers and highlights the story behind extracted facts and inferred facts.
VoyagerVision – Visual intelligence platform turns visual data from any source, into actionable intelligence. The platform automatically enables identification of key entities, mapping relationships and their nature, group analysis, object detection, text extraction, watchlists creation and more.

Address Nova North, 11 Bressenden Pl
United Kingdom

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