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UK Capabilities Showcase sponsored by CrisisCastCrisis Cast

In 2018 we are collaborating with partner organisations to showcase their techniques, skills and approaches across a range of different scenarios. As part of this showcase an exciting and diverse range of new products will also be demonstrated by participating exhibitors. Virtual scenes will be brought to life through a programme of carefully arranged activities. Here is a flavour of what’s to come.

  • British Transport Police – will demonstrate the various ways in which the Operational Support Unit tackles lock-ons by protestors blocking the road way, vehicle or a vulnerable site. The scene will depict a fictional protest based on a new railway development.
  • Border Force – will demonstrate the advances in the detection of the stop and search for contraband materials.  The scene will depict the techniques used in the detection of modifications to articulated trucks.
  • CBRN UK – will showcase the technology used to detect and respond to radiological threats detected amongst passengers in a ferry port.
  • Counter – IED UK in partnership with DIT DSO and the UK Ministry of Defence – will showcase capabilities in the area of tackling both personal borne and radio controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).
  • Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service – HMPPS’ National Tactical Response Group will be showcasing some of their unique situational response techniques and procedures.
  • Metropolitan Police Service – Metropolitan Police forensic evidence search dogs will provide a demonstration of a serious sexual assault crime scene search for forensic evidence.