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Group 2000 Nederland B.V.

Stand A19

Group 2000 is an independent, leading, innovative supplier and partner for a wide range of IT security solutions like lawful interception, surveillance, location based services, big data and analysis solutions. They are based in the Netherlands and embrace: innovation, flexibility, reliability and are dedicated and transparent in the way Group 2000 acts. Their approach and solutions help governments, intelligence agencies, telecom and internet service providers to solve security matters and create sustainable critical nationwide intelligence infrastructures. The robust and high performance solutions are used across the globe.

Address Van der Hoopweg 1
Telephone +31 (0)546 482 400

New Product Launch

LIMA IP Mass Metadata Monitor

The Group 2000 Mass IP Metadata Monitor is a powerful hardware accelerated internet metadata monitoring appliance that enables third party software tools to classify and recognise interesting communication patterns in internet traffic. When combined with e.g. our LIMA data retention system, law enforcement or intel agencies can quickly query for internet communication records to support them in post-event analyses.

The LIMA Mass IP Metadata Monitor monitors internet communication data streams and extracts its metadata. The appliance has been designed to analyse IP traffic for very large input bandwidth.

LIMA IP Mass Metadata Monitor turns these massive amounts of data flowing over the internet into IP metadata records – information on sessions between IP addresses, and the patterns of data sizes exchanged between them. It forwards these records to either a data retention solution or a server where a dedicated metadata pattern interpretation software tool can further analyses the data, distills alerts based on data patterns, and stores relevant data for later analysis.

• High speed, up to 160Gbps input per 1U
• Based on open interfaces (e.g. IPFIX FRC 7011) to facilitate connection to third-party analysis tooling
• Future proof hardware architecture

• Extracts metadata from IPv4 and IPv6 traffic
• Supports TCP, UDP and ICMP internet traffic
• Supports SSL/TLS encryption

• Signals the start and end of a session, and collects intermediate profiling information
• Supports IPFIX format for data export

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