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Please note access to Security & Policing + is closed ahead of Security & Policing 2024.

Everyone approved to attend Security & Policing also gets access to Security & Policing+.

To access Security & Policing+ you must activate your account via your approval email before logging in with your login details. If you cannot access your activation link, you can reset your password and login using the ‘Forgot your password?’ prompt on the login screen.

Ahead of the event the Security & Policing+ App will be available to download via App Store and Google Play. Approved attendees can download and login to access the interactive floor plan, view and favourite sessions, network, connect and arrange meeting with fellow attendees and plan your schedule for the event.



To complement the live event and enhance your visitor experience, Security and Policing+ will provide a secure platform for attendees to:


Watch on-demand content

Missed a session? Watch back over headline keynotes and industry-leading content.

NetworkingConnect and arrange meetings

Find, connect and pre-arrange meetings in-person or virtually with other event attendees including matchmaking based on similar interests. Build those all important connections with key contacts and potential business partners pre, during and post event.

Virtual-ExhibitionBrowse exhibitors

View detailed online exhibitor listings and contact details from all Security & Policing exhibitors.


How to use the platform


Once logged in, please select the ? Tour button for help in navigating the platform features across relevant pages.

Code of Conduct

All attendees in-person and online must abide by the Visitor Code of Conduct. Find out more

Once your visitor application has been approved, if you encounter any issues activating your online account, please contact