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Everyone approved to attend Security & Policing also gets access to Security & Policing+.

To access Security & Policing+ you must activate your account via your approval email before logging in with your login details.


To complement the live event and enhance your visitor experience, Security and Policing+ will provide a secure platform for attendees to:


Watch on-demand content

Missed or can’t attend a session? Watch back over an extensive programme of headline keynotes and industry-leading content from the Fusion Forum and Government Centre Stage.

NetworkingConnect and arrange meetings

Find, connect and pre-arrange meetings in-person or virtually with other event attendees including matchmaking based on similar interests. Build those all important connections with key contacts and potential business partners pre, during and post event.

Virtual-ExhibitionBrowse exhibitors

View detailed online exhibitor listings and contact details from all Security & Policing exhibitors.


How to Guide

Read and download the Security & Policing+ Visitor How To Guide

This guide covers the essential tips to utilise the complementary Security & Policing+ online platform and enhance your visitor experience. This includes:

  • Introduction to Security & Policing+
  • How to activate your account and login
  • How to access and navigate your profile dashboard and receive recommendations
  • How to add sessions to your online schedule and watch back sessions on-demand
  • How to network, connect and message attendees and utilise the matchmaking capability
  • How to request a meeting with an attendee or exhibitor at the event
  • How to create your schedule
  • How to conduct an online meeting
  • How to browse and connect with exhibitors or view products

How to Videos

These videos give a short overview of how to conduct the basic tasks within the platform.

Please note the exact presentation of the platform may differ slightly than that of shown in the videos, but the core functionality remains the same.

How to use matchmaking and book meetings

How to send a message

How to search exhibitors and products

How to check your schedule

How to add to your favourites

How to have an online meeting

Code of Conduct

All attendees in-person and online must abide by the Visitor Code of Conduct. Find out more

Once your visitor application has been approved, if you encounter any issues activating your online account, please contact