Visitor Approval

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There is no general admittance to the Security & Policing event and all visitors are subject to Home Office approval.

For 2019 some categories were broadened to encompass new sectors and roles. 

All visitors were working in, or as, one of the following:

  • UK or Overseas Law Enforcement
  • Government Departments & their Agencies
  • First Responders
  • Border Agencies
  • Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Key Operators and Regulators of National Infrastructure and Crowded Places (Security Managers and Security Procurement Staff) including a broader range of sectors
  • Security and Resilience Professionals (now includes security managers and consultants working on Government projects or programmes)
  • Military
  • Overseas Government Departments, Police or Law Enforcement Agencies and their procurement agents/representatives
  • Police
  • Academia (Professor or Researcher as relevant to Security & Policing)

Possession of security clearance did not guarantee entry to the event.

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