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RolaTube Technology

Stand E14

RolaTube Technology designs and manufactures a range of Integrated Antenna Masts, Tripods and Mast Systems suitable for mounting comms equipment, cameras and lighting using their patented Bi-Stable Reeled Composite technology. Also developed for use in the space and nuclear industries, BRC’s lightweight and durable nature make them ideal products for use in emergency and disaster situations.Tested to the relevant aspects of MIL-STD-810G, these products provide a swiftly deployed temporary comms solution in challenging environments, whilst reducing transportation logistics.Already used by militaries, Rapid Response and international charities worldwide; as well as Coastguards, Fire Brigades and Mountain Rescue, RolaTube products are an essential part of your comms offering.With most products supplied in a grab bag format, all are designed to be man portable and lightweight.We also have a wide range of accessories to aid deployment.We are always happy to discuss bespoke requirements to assess technical and commercial viability.

Address 130 Wellworthy Road
Ampress Park
SO41 8JY
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)1590 688 019

New Product Launch

RolaTube RESQ Integrated Antenna Mast

RolaTube is delighted to announce the launch of its new RESQ Integrated Antenna Mast (IAM) products, designed specifically for the emergency and disaster relief market.

Using our extensive experience of products already supplied into the military sector, RolaTube have developed a new range of mast systems that address the commercial and technical requirements of the civilian market.

The compact size, light weight and rapid deployment times of RolaTube systems always bring considerable logistical benefits to man portable mast applications, but the integration of a high performance 136 – 175MHz dipole antenna into the mast creates a game changing technology for the communications sector.

The RESQ product is a true “Plug and Play” solution for mobile communications….deploy the mast, plug the flying lead straight into your radio, and you are communicating.

The RESQ IAM system is available in two products;

• RESQ 7m Integrated Antenna Mast (IAM) working over the 136 – 175MHz range
A 7m tall mast with a 30W c.w. power rating, typically used in temporary guyed applications and providing excellent range and clarity

• RESQ 3.5m Integrated Antenna Mast (IAM) working over the 136 – 175MHz range
A 3.5m long “range extension” system designed for use by teams operating in difficult and hazardous environments. Weighing only 1.6kg, the high-performance dipole integrated into the mast allows communication where traditional systems are defeated by terrain or structures.

Both products are available in various colours

The RESQ system significantly reduces the logistics burden on dismounted teams, and dramatically improves their communication capabilities.

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