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Special Services Group, LLC

Stand A59

SSG provides technical solutions in audio, video and tracking for law enforcement and military customers worldwide. SSG manufactures the SSGMVC™ devices, a revolutionary line of miniature, low power video compressors for both covert and overt video installations. Our innovative SSGMVC solutions include compressor, camera, modem, recorder and PTZ functionality integrated together into previously impossible form factors and concealments. The patent pending SSGMVC-UAS™ is the first and only drone video compressor to attach directly to the drone’s controller allowing the pilot to remain mobile whilst securely transmitting compressed live video over the cellular network.

Address PO Box 825
United States
Telephone +1 209 682 5026

New Product Launch


The new patent pending SSGMVC-UAS™ video compressor represents a breakthrough in UAS video distribution providing the pilot with total mobility by having a hand-held, self-contained video recording and transmission system requiring no external tethers. The SSGMVC-UAS makes no data connection to the drone or controller, only video and power connections are required, providing an air gap between the drone hardware, the internet, and your critical infrastructure. The SSGMVC-UAS securely encodes, compresses and transmits the video over the internet to your private network. This negates any potential security vulnerabilities that may be present when using drones manufactured in other countries. Please visit us in stand A59 for a demonstration of the SSGMVC-UAS.

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