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Flare Bright


Flare Bright is a rapidly growing aerospace company pushing the boundaries of embedded AI technology to develop autonomous drones. Flare Bright specialises in its UAS product: SnapShot, designed to be the lightest and simplest way to get aerial images at the single press of a button. Flare Bright has three core products: The MOD’s Defence and Security Accelerator is funding the ruggedisation of SnapShot for the defence and security market. SnapShot is being developed to measure winds accurately at altitudes up to 100m. This is part of a wider InnovateUK project to create live wind maps of urban, industrial and other difficult environments. It is developing a precision air-dropped drone for delivering small items such as medicines, vaccines or critical parts to remote places cheaply and efficiently. Flare Bright is increasing the endurance, controllability and capability of small drones, and will be introducing thermal imagery into its range soon.

Address Building 330, Westcott Venture Park
United Kingdom
Telephone 07517 940575

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