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Surevine builds secure, scalable collaboration solutions for the most security conscious organisations globally; joining people up and enabling collaboration.Our systems are accredited to handle the most sensitive information, whilst still delivering an intuitive and engaging user experience; building smart, secure networks of connected people.Our own smart research and development and customer sponsored R&D into technology delivers constant innovation, building products born out of genuine user needs.Surevine successfully delivers Cross Domain Solutions; allowing customers to seamlessly collaborate over connected networks of differing trust levels. Surevine’s CDS breaks down boundaries and increases efficiency by enabling collaboration and intelligence sharing, without compromising security, delivering outcomes in the most secure way possible.Surevine are the team behind Threatvine; a next generation cyber-security information sharing platform for cross-organisational collaboration and intelligence analysis. Threatvine was built for the UK NCSC to power CiSP, the UK’s national platform for cyber-security information sharing.

Address PO Box 1136
United Kingdom
Telephone 08454681066

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