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Security Innovation Award

The Award

2015 winners

Leading body-worn video specialists Reveal Media has been awarded the ADS Security Innovation Award 2015. Reveal has been providing body-worn video systems for nearly a decade and is responsible for pioneering technologies including the RS2-X2 body camera – a unique body-worn device with a front facing screen, fully articulated camera head and AES256 encryption.

The awards also recognised Crewshield Ltd, which was presented with a runner up award for its ‘Crewshield Citadel’, a refuge point to safeguard those at land or sea. Scanna MSC and Thermo Scientific were both highly commended.

Nominations for 2016 will open later in the year.

Now in its 13th year, this prestigious Award recognises not only the innovative equipment and technology produced by UK companies, but equally importantly, the partnership between people on the ground and those prepared to put the time and skill behind the development and production of new and ground breaking technology.

Today we live in a world where security requirements change rapidly. Our adversaries are ever more sophisticate in their tactics to commit crimes; the Police and Law Enforcement Agencies with the aid of ground-breaking technologies need to be one step ahead. The UK Security industry is a world leader in the innovation of advanced engineering, manufacturing and services and at ADS we are committed to raising the profile of our Members.

The ADS Security Innovation Award will be presented to the advanced engineer of a piece of equipment, technology or service which is deemed to be unique and innovative.

What the judges are looking for

  • Products/services must have been brought to market in the last two years. This can include new versions/updates of existing technology
  • Equipment or technology which has significantly improved crime prevention, or has significantly improved and made efficient police/law enforcement agencies operability
  • Examples of a Government or commercial customer in which the product or service is currently in use

What can you expect from winning the Security Innovation Award?

  • Enhanced visibility at the Security & Policing event, including incorporation into the VIP tours
  • VIP guests at the Security & Policing reception, including presentation of the award by a UK Minister
  • Media coverage through ADS channels, including a feature in ADS Advance magazine
  • A prime slot as part of the Briefing Programme at Security and Policing

Entering the ADS Security Innovation Award is a great way to showcase your innovation to the Security community, providing an excellent PR opportunity for your business. You will also be given the privilege of using the ADS Security Award Winner logo.

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    • Forensics
    • Border Control
    • Counter Terrorism
    • Cyber Security
    • National Infrastructure
    • Aviation Security
    • Blue Light Services
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