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  • We dramatise events for emerging security needs in the UK, Middle East and worldwide. Our specialist role play actors – many with security clearance – are trained by behavioural psychologists and rigorously rehearsed in criminal and victim behaviour to help police, the army and the emergency services, hospitals, schools, local authorities, government, private security firms, shopping centres, airports, big business, criminal justice departments, media and the military to simulate incident environments for life saving procedures. We use state of the art British film industry techniques, props and special effects to help trainers deliver essential, hands-on, high octane crisis response and disaster management training. We also work with trainee doctors, psychologists and care professionals.

  • e2e assure is a world-class cyber security company with 20 years’ experience of providing military grade cyber security. We provide a range of services including Protective Monitoring, SOC as a Service, Cyber Investigation and Response services, Cyber Assessments, Gateway Services and Secure Managed Cloud Services. e2e-assure have developed an industry leading SOC-as-a-Service to protect your organisation which provides a complete cyber defence service suitable for all Government and Police customers, large and small.

    There is no other supplier on the market with our security credentials, the technology and operations team to deliver security-as-a-service at our level. Security depth, quality and service excellence set us apart from our competition. e2e is a UK based SME company operating exclusively from within the UK using HMG and NPPV3 cleared staff. We operate out of UK datacentres (Tier3 and Tier4) and are PASF assured. We sponsor and recruit SOC Analysts from the Cyber Security Challenge UK as well as the SANS Cyber Academy.

    See our live cyber hacking demos: Ransomware in action and a Wi-Fi man in the middle hack which takes control of a fully patched Windows10 laptop and steals Office365 credentials!