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ADS represents and supports more than 1100 UK businesses operating in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

Our membership ranges from major multinational businesses with substantial UK presences, to hundreds of small and medium sized companies in every part of the country. Companies in our sectors employ 374,000 people in the UK and generate exports worth £46 billion a year.

Whether representing industry, connecting our members with business opportunities or driving forward innovation and growth, ADS is at the forefront of an array of activities, events and programmes that benefit our members.



For more than 180 years, Dods has provided essential information and connections to the UK and EU political and public affairs sectors. With unique access to the corridors of government and public sector, Dods monitors what policymakers are saying and helps clients to cut through the noise to find the solutions to solve complex problems, mitigate major risks and make an impact. With neutrality and transparency underpinning everything we do; we are a trusted source of political intelligence and debate through our portfolio of political titles, leading events and training and services.