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Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC)

Established by the Home Office, within the Office for Security and Counter- Terrorism, JSaRC works to provide security outcomes for the UK by combining Government, academic and private sector expertise.

JSaRC works to support the UK’s National Security objectives and to protect our people. Our aims continue to be reflected in the National Security framework, which represents the UK’s interests through three objectives; to protect our people, project our global influence and promote our prosperity.

In 2021, the JSaRC role will expand by using the Security and Resilience Growth Partnership to further challenge how government tackles security issues. This crucial partnership with industry will look more strategically at how government can make improvements to develop a more collaborative and agile procurement process in the Security Sector; provision for the right environment for National Security Innovation; strategies to maximise UK security exports; as well as ways to ensure the sector has the necessary skills, both now and in the future, to meet National Security demands.

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