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1.The exhibition is for police and public security equipment; exhibitors must be manufacturers or vendors of such equipment.

2. If a company wishes to exhibit, but is not a UK registered company, it must be a company that has provided or is providing equipment or services to the UK law and services enforcement and/or UK public security agencies. The exhibitor must provide a written statement detailing which force or agency it is supplying or has supplied and the nature of the equipment it wishes to display at the exhibition.

3. UK law enforcement and other agencies must be able to purchase and use the equipment.

4. Exhibitors will be selected to participate following their application by the Home Office who will make their selections to ensure that companies with new or emerging technology or companies dealing in topical issues are present at the event. When exhibit space is oversubscribed, the Home Office may select technologies with little previous exposure at the exhibition. If there is insufficient space to accommodate all prospective exhibitors, the Home Office will have the final decision as to which technologies are displayed at the event.

5. Consultancies are not invited to exhibit, except where their services are deemed by the Home Office to be of particular interest to UK Law Enforcement.

6. No company can be guaranteed a specific site within the exhibition venue, although, where possible, attempts will be made to accommodate wishes expressed.

7. Companies who have previously caused difficulties at or in association with an exhibition, or who have by their action caused either the police service or the Home Office embarrassment, may be excluded from participating by the Home Office.

8. Companies occupying a shell scheme stand of between 4 Sq M and 12 Sq M will be permitted a maximum of five free exhibitor passes for their staff. Companies occupying an indoor bare space stand will be permitted 5 free exhibitor passes for every 12 Sq M of space. In addition, external stands will be allocated a total of 5 free exhibitor passes. If required, additional exhibitor passes may be purchased at a cost of £35 per pass.

8.1 Co-exhibitors will be permitted a maximum of two free exhibitor passes for their staff. There is no option for co-exhibitors to purchase additional exhibitor passes.



1.Agents will not be allowed to attend except by prior agreement of the organisers and the Home Office. Agents will only be permitted if it is proven that their attendance brings potential for general sale of UK equipment overseas. The organiser and the Home Office will consult with British Embassy posts overseas to establish the bona fide nature of any such individuals.

2. For the purposes of visitor attendance providers of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) are identified as those companies and organisations responsible for the delivery of CNI (civil nuclear, utilities, transport infrastructure, financial services etc). Companies that supply equipment to CNI providers are not eligible to visit the exhibition.

3.All visitors to the event must be government serving staff, uniform or civilian, from the UK or overseas. If from overseas, then only visitors from countries approved to visit by the Home Office will be permitted. The only exceptions to this will be by approval from the Home Office.



1.All equipment being exhibited must carry a CE marking and comply with all relevant European directives where appropriate.

2.Visitors must be employees or agents of the police service, government security and law enforcement or military organisations or key providers of Critical National Infrastructure as identified by the Home Office (see SECURITY & POLICING VISITOR SELECTION CRITERIA above).


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