New Product Launches

Security & Policing has established itself as a platform for exhibiting world class suppliers to launch their latest innovations and new technologies, which provide solutions to the latest security challenges and threats. Some of the highlights of this year’s new product launches will include:

Organisation Stand Number Product Image         Description
Artemis-UK A135 W300 4G Camera artemis The ARGUS W300 is a stand-alone HD Zoom camera featuring integrated 4G modem and GPS.  The camera is capable of AES Encrypted transmission using cellular 4G/LTE, 3G & 2G, WiFi and LAN.  The video channel can be configured to achieve peak performance using the dual stream function without compromising recording quality.  The W300 Offers 256GB Integrated, solid-state storage.
Beechwood Equipment Ltd B101 BRINC Lemur Indoor UAV
& Recon Robotics Throwbot 2 with CBNR and Distraction payloads
Indoor UAV proven in real-world call-outs. It is a highly reliable, tactical tool that can help de-escalate, reduce risk, and save lives.

– Manoeuvre in tight spaces (LIDAR sensors) unlike standard UAVs
– Breach windows and doors, including vehicles and buildings (window break tool & door opener)
– Perch time
– Turtle mode (can self-right if it crashes)
– Video penetration (able to keep signal despite dense building materials)
– Night Vision & flood light accessory
– Long Flight Time
– Ability to carry a payload
– payload dropper to release critical supplies, lights or CBRNE sensors
– 2 way communication for silent recon or crisis negotiation

Beechwood Equipment Ltd B101 Recon Robotics Throwbot 2 with CBNR and Distraction payloads Beechwood The Throwbot II system consists of a two-wheeled micro-robot and a handheld Operator Control Unit (OCU3).
At only 590g, it is a throwable reconnaissance robot that can withstand repeated drops of up to 9m on concrete floors or be thrown up to 37m.
It wirelessly transmits live video and audio to an operator control unit and also has the ability to transport a combined payload of up to 1.8kg via a picatinny rail and a low friction disc.
TB2 is also equipped with ambient light sensors and will automatically activate IR LEDs for illumination in complete darkness.New payloads for 2022 include:
– CBRN sensors
– 2-way comms
– Distraction (light/sound/gas/smoke)
Conjay Collectors Ammunition Company Ltd E109 Battery Containment System (BCS) Total containment vessel for the safe transportation of Lithium-ion Batteries; the design enables the containment of gasses and thermal runaway upto 1200H (equivalent to 4xBB2590 Batteries). There is a thermal Indicator and Relief Valve. The CBCS is stackable. It is TRL 7.
CP Cases Ltd D101 RCZ Introducing RCZ – a range of lightweight rugged aluminium cases and containers.

CP’s new product innovation brings together the latest technologies in precision CNC metal forming, in partnership with unique monocoque designs, to offer customers a range of cases and containers, in both standard sizes and custom sizes.

The design concept behind RCZ cases was to maximise the properties of flat stock 1.5mm thick high tensile aerospace-grade aluminium sheet by introducing innovative rimfold profiles that bring exceptional longitudinal strength and a patented pre-form corner design that significantly prevents impact damage to the corners when dropped with heavy loads.
Utilising extra-large aluminium sheet sizes, combined with large bed laser cutting ensures we get the best material yield before moving the RCZ laser cut panels to an automated CNC panel fold/form machine that produces precision folded lid and body parts with repeatability and close tolerances – every time.

RCZ containers have been successfully tested by our customers to MIL-STD 810G for drop, shock, vibration, blowing rain, dust, hot, cold and altitude.

Emergency Protection Limited A11 BolaWRAP 150 Introducing the newest innovation in de-escalation. The BolaWRAP 150 is fully electronic with a host of new features compared with the original BolaWRAP 100 mechanical version. Powered  by Micro-gas generators (as used in vehicle air bag systems), no charging handle (faster 2 step deployment process), status indicators, multi-dot green laser array and dual 80 Lumen LED white torch, 10 x times more battery life than the original BolaWRAP 100 model, 20% lighter and smaller, injection moulded anchors with integrated safety caps. The BolaWRAP 150 will help officers restrain a non-compliant person from a safe distance without the need to resort to pain compliance or other higher levels of force. It’s a WIN / WIN for the officer and person being restrained and taken into custody.
Hiddentec Ltd E83 EP Tracker Executive Protection/Personal safety GPS Device.
Sleek, reduced-size acetal enclosure with Emergency button
– Global LTE modem with backwards compatibility for GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks
– Geo-Fence-controlled behaviour – dictate GSM activity and reporting frequency when in/out of areas
– Bluetooth support allows interaction with a range of peripherals
– Privacy settings – keep location data private until an Emergency is triggered
– Microphone for listening-in capability – enabled/disabled in settings
Leonardo C81 Leonardo CSP-MCX Leading the transformation to Mission Critical Broadband Communications.

Leonardo has developed a unified secure wireless broadband communications product portfolio CSP-MCX, providing Mission Critical Services (MCX) operating within mission critical and business critical environments.
Our CSP-MCX products are designed to 3GPP open standards and implement interoperability testing to ensure reliable broadband communication technology with a very high degree of security, reliability and availability providing communications solutions to industry, defence, public safety and national critical infrastructure.

We provide unique integration solutions for a managed migration from existing legacy communication systems to broadband wireless technologies.
Our CSP-MCX product portfolio utilises scalability and security by design microservices from single site operations to nationwide infrastructure.
With state of the art cloud based native architecture we can provide complete situation awareness control room dispatch operations and detailed management interfaces for fleet configuration and statistics.
The Leonardo bespoke MCX mobile client applications are designed for emergency field operations and optimised for handheld device user interfaces.

Leonardo CSP-MCX Feature Summary:

1. Enhanced security by design
2. Integration to existing systems
3. Open standards development
4. Scalable by design
5. Complete end to end network solutions
6. Future proof technology ecosystem
For more information please email

NIAXO D55 Digital Threat Modelling NIAXO recently provided a government assessment using fluid dynamics to model crowd movements in CT scenarios. The model is highly efficient as it can be run thousands of times to identify statistically probable outcomes.

This scenario is location specific and presents a geographic output, rendered as a video with one second intervals.

Why is it useful?

This modelling system allows multiple variables to be adjusted, both to control the threat elements and to represent the resultant crowd behaviour.

The result of this configurability is clear, evidence based outputs;

–              Data led risk profiles

–              Visual depiction of the scenario

These outputs are directly applicable as inputs to;

–              Policy planning

–              Local defensive measures and changes to terrain

–              CT response planning and prioritisation

–              First responder planning for scale and impact

–              Training material (videos) which may benefit all of the above

Threat modelling to this level of localised detail will vastly enhance the UK’s ability to prevent, respond to, reduce the impact of or investigate risks and incidents.

Symetrica D131/D135 Discovery Discovery is a browser based common operating platform that brings data together, from multiple sources, to present to the users in a simple to use graphical interface. The technology design initially addresses Home Land Security providing connection to cameras, x-ray scanner, vehicle and human  radiation scanner, traffic lights, manifest data and user reports. It provides common visualisation tools for all types of data.
It is built using a modern scalable architecture that can be deployed on local IT infrastructure or into the cloud and uses the latest AI technology to help reduce operator burden.
Thermoteknix Systems Ltd B72 Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM) ARTIM is a helmet-mounted intelligent battery pack that contains an ultra-low latency augmented reality processor and smart computer which shares live information including the location of teammates, targets and route points, all visible via the user eyepiece.

ARTIM enhances situational awareness and connects multiple users people or teams on the go to, providing real-time, geo-referenced navigation.

ARTIM integrates with secure soldier and civilian law enforcement communication networks to offer real-time data sharing and instant situational awareness for collaboration across teams and agencies.

ARTIM is compatible with Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) – ATAK-MIL and ATAK-CIV. ATAK is a secure, mobile, interactive geospatial tool, used the world over, by military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Viable Data Ltd B86 Learn ID We have over 10 years’ experience providing award winning digital consultancy to our public and private sector clients. To ensure we continue to successfully meet all our client’s current and future needs we are introducing a ground-breaking biometrics solution in March 2022 that can significantly improve security verification processes.

Our new solution offers a fully customisable product that assists with the frequency, speed and accuracy of biometric facial verification in both fixed locations, and on the go through handheld devices and mobile applications. The solution can easily integrate with existing systems and provide efficient and accurate biometric and document verification against multiple sources in real-time.