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CBRNergetics Ltd.

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CBRNergetics Ltd. (CBRNe) — Delivering Defense Solutions Worldwide

CBRNergetics Ltd. delivers custom solutions to Armed Forces and Police around the world.  We are industry leading military demolitions explosives suppliers.  We offer a wide range of demolitions stores, to include: explosive charges, shaped charges, initiation devices, pyrotechnics, battle simulation, demining equipment, EOD and C-IED solutions, and CBRN detection equipment and products.

We are the UK sole & exclusive distributor for PROENGIN chemical and biological detection equipment.  We offer the AP4C flame-spectrometry equipment.  We supply the UK end users with:  AP4C, S4PE, Hydrogen services, Consumables, Test Bench, Mini-Bench, and MAB Biological Detectors.  We can perform AP4C calibration services and Hydrogen refilling at our new Dorset Service Center. 

We provide a complete range of demolitions charges and explosives manufactured in standard sizes and compositions.  We offer the entire range of SEMTEX explosives, such as C4, PE-4, Semtex 90, and detonating cords.  We also offer explosives for Special Operations & Breaching (EMOE): RAZOR, Sheet Explosive, Linear Cutting Tape, Paste Explosives (PASTEX), and Slip On Boosters. 

We also can supply many Shaped Charges: Bangalore Torpedo, NR50, Charge Demolition No. 1 “Beehive,” Charge Demolition No. 14 “Hayrick,” & Rapid Crater Kits (RCK) Mk. 2. 

Our initiation products are guaranteed to detonate your explosives — first time, every time.  We supply a wide variety of Shock Tube Systems, Plain & Electric Detonators, Match Fuzee, Safety Fuse, Igniter Safety Fuse Percussion (ISFP) & Electric (ISFE), plus Firing Cable Reels.

Battlefield simulation products enhance training by simulating the chaos of battle.  Realistic smoke, explosions, and gunfire, are created to effectively simulate artillery, ground bursts, air bursts, and a variety of small arms.  We can tailor our simulation products to meet specific training requirements.

“We supply the complete demolitions train — from initiation to detonation and deactivation to safe disposal.”

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UK No: +44 (0) 1202 800 298


Address 14 Old Coastguard Road
United Kingdom

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