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Stand E32

"Covidence design, develop and manufacture miniature video and audio surveillance equipment for police, intelligence agencies, special forces and other government approved organisations worldwide.

Covidence masters the latest technology and we strive to deliver superb surveillance systems to end-users.

We look forward to show and demonstrate our:
Micro Oculus DVR with internal battery and microphone and either built-in or external camera.
Oculus NxtGen DVR with built-in WiFi or 4G/LTE for both internal and external power.
Tracking options with built-in GEO Location or GPS Adaptor.
Smart Sensor Options.
A large range of cameras, for example flexible alignment cameras, HDR camera, PICO cameras, IR cameras.

We are also happy to present our range of audio only recorders,  'Audius NxtGen' – a range of extremely small and low power consuming audio recorders for high-quality audio recordings with several trigger solutions, tracking possibilities and easy concealment options.


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