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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Stand B18

Radiation, chemical and narcotics incidents expose all
elements of society to fatal risks.
Our vast range of detection devices save lives and prevent
disaster – any mission, any scenario.

• Personal Radiation Exposure
• Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)
• Malicious Radiation Threats
• Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) identification
Government Agencies
• Unidentified Chemicals used in bomb manufacturing
• Employee Radiation Exposure
• Localization and identification of radiation sources
or contamination
• Narcotics, Synthetics and Cutting Agents found in illicit
drugs, postal packages, at borders
Fire Fighters
• Unidentified Chemicals at industrial or transportation
• Unidentified Radiation caused by explosions, exposures
Law Enforcement
• Misplaced radiation sources or dirty bombs
• Narcotics, drugs and precursors found in illicit substances,
postal packages at borders
• Unknown chemicals at clandestine laboratories

Address Wade Road
United Kingdom

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