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Salt Communications

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Salt is the first company to provide a holistic solution for closed encrypted communications between modern smartphone users and the secure systems they access within their organisation. Our product provides full centralised control for administrators, as well as federated interfaces into and from trusted internal services. End users are those  who need mobility coupled with the most secure voice and video calls, messaging, image/file transfer and message broadcasting to enable critical decisions from any location.

Salt Communications works with respected law enforcement clients across the globe who deeply understand the necessity of having full control over their most sensitive communications. Leaks and inappropriate access damages the effectiveness and the reputation of their organisation and may negatively affect the safety of officers and the general population. Mobile communications present major privacy challenges within policing. With a consistent increase in reported hacking activities, law enforcers have to ensure that they vigilantly put the necessary measures in place to protect their communications from interception and cyber attacks. The trend away from traditional face to face meetings towards real-time messaging applications like WhatsApp and Zoom, risks highly sensitive information being shared on less  secure open platforms. There are many media reports of security breaches on consumer-oriented platforms such as the recent Pegasus based attacks.

If you fear a hack by malign actors who may be motivated by political, economic, personal, or ethical reasons, then it is essential to protect the internal communications of the force from attack and exploitation.

The Salt solution encrypts and secures the communication of:

• One to One Text Messages

• Group Text Messages

• One to One Calls

• Voice Conference Calls

• Video Calls

• Document sharing; large and small

• Image, audio, and video sharing

• Extensive broadcasting function for efficient management of information

Salt uses best in class, multi-layered encryption technologies and runs within a dedicated network which is out of reach of bad actors. Salt is built on a secure technology platform which is rigorously and routinely verified by independent parties. We have a worldwide customer base including Governments, Defense forces and law enforcement agencies. Salt is intuitive and extremely easy to use. It operates as a dedicated app with no need for additional hardware, seamlessly integrating into the user's own device and conforms to normal mobile use. It has been carefully designed to be a compliment to your users, protecting their communications with usability also at the forefront.

Through a dedicated Management Portal, Salt allows you to create closed, private communication groups between you, your colleagues, and other areas of the government. No uninvited users can contact you via Salt. No uninvited users can attack or hack you via Salt. You have control and can be seen to protect your internal communications + compliance / evidential mode. If required Salt can seamlessly integrate with your active directory to allow you to invite internal employees even quicker.

Address 6 Clarence Street
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 28 9032 8114
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